1. The rooms are available for KU students and KU staffs only. 
  2. User must have Nontri account.  If not, please contact to service counter on the 2nd floor at the 1st building of Office of Computer Services during the official hours.
  3. Advance reservation is available 3 days but total reservation should not be over 3 periods (1 period = 1 hour).
  4. Service is available everyday except public holidays as follows:

          Monday – Friday:           08.30-19.30 hrs
          Saturday:                      10.30-18.30 hrs
          Sunday:                        11.30-18.30 hrs

  1. User has to confirm of using the room and contact with the library staff for getting the room key.

Please contact the follow for the key:
5.1 Room G1 – G5, R1 – R7, S8 – S17, M18 – M22 contact the service counter of Agricultural Knowledge Center (AGKC) on the 3rd floor of KULC Building.
5.2 C1 – C22, contact the counter service on the 3rd floor of the Old Building within the first 10 min. of your booking period; otherwise the user’s right will be lost. If this is happen for 3 times (the system will keep the records of the users or black list), the user’s right of using the room will be cut for 7 days.

  1. User who wants to get the room key must be as the same person as the reserving person and the user’s ID card is shown that being the same person.
  2. Self-study room is available for 1 person only.
  3. Sub-group discussion room is available for 2-4 persons (voice is prohibited).
  4. Group discussion room is available for 5 persons up.
  5. Return room key on time otherwise user has to pay for the fine 30 baht per hour.
  6. Do not make loud noises or disturb other users.
  7. Food & drink are not allowed.
  8. Room key is not allowed to take out from the library.
  9. Exchange the user’s card and return the key at circulation counter service every time before exiting the library.
  10. Do not leave personal belongings in the room. In case of any lost, it is not the responsibility
    of the library.
  11. In case of losing room key, user has to pay for the fine 100 baht.
  12. Library staff is able to cut the user’s right in case of being against the rules.

 How to reserve Self-Study – Group Discussion Room

  1. User can reserve the room from any computers which are under Nontri network.
  2. Go to webpage at URL:
  3. Reservation sheet of the current date divided into 1 period/ hour and each period will show the status as appeared on the 1st page of its system. The meanings of each status are as follows:

      = available/ can reserve

          = not available               

           = confirm

  1. Choose the required date and then press “Submit” button as follows:

           Room R1-R7:        Self-study room for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty,    
                                        researchers and KU staff
           Room S8-S17:      Self-study room for undergraduate students
           Room M18-M22:   Small group discussion room 2 – 4 persons
           Room G1-G5:        Group discussion room (5 person up)
           Room C1-C5:        Self Study for undergraduate, graduate students, professors,
                                        researchers and KU staff

          Click the required date, and choose the required period time, if the period show “free” (the green
          status and the word “free” will be appeared).

  1. Type in “User account” of Nontri network, enter password and then press “Submit” button.
  2. When the system shows the reservation status, click “Link” to back to the 1st page. If it is done, the red status and the user’s account will be appeared when returning to the 1st page.
  3. User who already reserved the room has to confirm by clicking the reserved period and enter the code, and then press “Confirm” button.  After that, click “Link” to back to the 1st page.  In case of confirmation being done, when returning to the 1st page, the blue status and the user’s account will be appeared.
  4. User can ask for the room key from library staff at counter service on the 3rd floor of Agricultural Knowledge Center by showing the user’s Identification Card (ID card).
  5. Return the key before time of the reserved period is up.

How to cancel the reservation: 

User has to cancel the reservation before 15 minutes of the reserved period by clicking that reserved period.  When the user’s account is appeared, enter the code and press “Link” to back to the 1st page.  If it is done, the green status and the word “free”   will be appeared on the 1st page.

How to change the reservation

User is able to change the reservation by canceling the old reservation and reserve the room again.


  •        In case of problems, contact library staff at counter service on the 3rd floor of Agricultural Knowledge Center (AGKC) or the counter service on the 3rd floor of the Old Building, depend on the room you booked.
  •        User who already reserved and confirmed the room is able to continue to reserve immediately.  User is able to use the room not over 3 hours.
  •        The service time of using self-study room and group discussion room can be adjusted in accordance with the service time of the library.