Library Network

1. Libraries at Campus Level

are the libraries which the KU Main Library has provided assistance in using the automatic system and they are under the network that cooperating in the electronic resource acquisition.

  1. Office of the University Library, Kamphaengsaen Campus, Nakorn Pathom Provice
  2. Library, Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Provice Campus
  3. Library, Si Racha Campus, Chonburi Province

2. Libraries of the learning, teaching, and researching units

are the branch libraries which the KU Main Library has supported on the book classification and cataloging according to the international standard so as to be able to search online and use the library catalog system that links with the KU Main Library's

Bangkhen Campus

  1. Branch Library, Economics and Business Administration (Bidyalankarana Library)
  2. Branch Library, Fisheries
  3. Branch Library, Veterinary Medicine
  4. Branch Library, Forestry  
  5. Branch Library, Agro-Industry
  6. Branch Library, Science
  7. Branch Library, Chemistry
  8. Branch Library, Environment
  9. Branch Library, Engineering
  10. Branch Library, Architecture
  11. Branch Library, Humanities
  12. Branch Library, Education
  13. Branch Library, Social Sciences

Kamphaengsaen Campus

  1. Library, Faculty of Enginerring
  2. Library, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  3. Library, Faculty of Arts and Science

3. Libraries of the units supporting learning, teaching, and researching

are the libraries which are supported by the KU Main Library on disseminating their information resources through the KU Main Library's databases.

  1. Branch Library, Institute of Food Research and Product Development
  2. Branch Library, Budhism, Rajanagarindra Institute of Linguistics and Cultural Studies
  3. Branch Library, Corn and Sorghum, National Corn and Sorghum Resaerch Center
  4. Branch Library, Agricultural Machinery, KU Research and Development Institute
  5. Branch Library, Swine Husbandry, National Swine Research and Training Center