Quality Assurance Network

Quality Assurance Network among 5 Institutions

Cooperation Institutions

  1. University Library, Kasetsart University
  2. University Library, Thammasat University
  3. University Library, Srinakharinwirot University
  4. University Library, Sripatum University
  5. Library and Information Center, National Insitute of Development Admistration

Principle and Justification
A higher education library has played an important role as the working unit that supporting the university’s learning & teaching and research. In addition, it is the source of knowledge providing services to students and staff and the general public to be used as the place for quality research and study. Higher education libraries are dynamically interdependent, especially in the area of quality assurance which is necessary to assure the quality of service, to create users’ satisfaction. Therefore, the cooperation network in the area of quality assurance among 5 university libraries is beneficial in jointly exchange of activities. This is to develop the libraries’ organization and administration to become more efficient.


To enhance the procedure of organization & administration and service to assure users of the quality

Memorandum of Understanding

The details of the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation Network in the area of Educational Quality Assurance:

  1. All Libraries will participate in the educational quality assurance cooperation network to raise the quality level of the Libraries’ organization and administration
  2. All Libraries will cooperate to organize the activities which promote exchange of knowledge and information dissemination in the area of educational quality assurance
  3. All Libraries will follow up the evaluation results of the network creation so as to continuously develop cooperative working
  4. To conduct other activities which will promote and support each other

Activity Gallery

The Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony – Quality Assurance Network among 5 University Libraries / The Meeting of the Administrators of the Quality Assurance Network among 5 University Libraries