Kasetsart University Library was established in 1943. From its inception, the small library services the University faculty, students and staff as well as the Department of Agriculture's staff. In 1951 the library merged with the library of the Department of agriculture and was renamed "Central Library". The Library was  a section under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives until 1957. Then it was transferred to the Office of University Affairs which oversaw all higher learning institutions. The Library gained faculty status in 1977.  

       Since 1980, the Kasetsart University Main Library has been serving as the national center of Thailand for the AGRIS and CARIS, the international information systems for agricultural science and technology of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, and for the IBIC (International Buffalo Information Center) of the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada. and a national coordinating center for agricultural information resources management under the National Information System of Thailand

       The University Main Library together with its various branches has 504552 volumes of books in Library at Bangkhen, audiouisual 4864 titles and 95,677 microfiches and 38 (e- journal, e-book ) Database for services at the Main Library and subscribes to 2,025 periodical titles.


Kasetsart University Library was established along with the University in 1943. From its inception, the small library services the University faculty, students and staff as well as the Department of Agriculture's staff. In 1948, the library merged with the library of the Department of agriculture and was renamed "Central Library", which later called the “Bangkhen Central Library”.

Year 1951

International Collaborative Management Association (ICA) has sent Mrs. Marbelle Wright to help organize the library. Her important mission was bringing the Library of Congress Classification System (LC) to use in the Bangkhen Central Library, which laid the foundation of this classification system here. On the other hand, it could say that Bangkhen Central Library is a first library in Thailand using this system.

Year 1953

His Majesty the King
Bhumipol Adulyadej proceed to open a new Bangkhen Central Library, which located behind “Plants Building” on January 2 and has raised the Central Library as a Library Division.

Year 1965

Bangkhen Central Library has moved to address the high single 3 storey building (behind where the three parents monument is located) with the total area of 1,638 square meters. The opening ceremony was on May 29, 1965 and named that building as “Central Library”.

Year 1974 - 1975

Kasetsart University has received the budget from Bank loans for development projects, Kasetsart University to construct the new Central Library Building for both Bangkhen and Kamphaengsaen campus. Library also has been developing information resources, hardware as well as human resource development. In planning the development have a key role. Besides Mrs. Daruna Somboonkul, the management who had an important role in planning the development, there are Dr. Dorothy Paker and Mr. J.R. Blanchard who also came to help in planning and consulting the library development process during 9 April – 31 May, 1974. Dr. Dorothy Paker is the expert from Rockefeller foundation, while Mr. J.R. Blanchard is the former director of Shields Library of University of California, Davis, USA (26 November - 24 February 1975).

Year 1975
Kasetsart University has provided capital loans of World Bank for 6 months internship program. The library appointed Mrs. Piboonsin Wattanapong to get train on documents and journals and Mrs. Somboon Saijamjan to get train on Information Resource Analysis at the University of California, Davis, USA.

Year 1977

Central Library has been upgraded from a division to be Office of the University Library, equivalent to the Faculty or Department of the University, while Associate Director Daruna Somboonkul was the first director of the Library. The organization divided into 5 departments, including Administrative Office, Technical Work, Public Service, Journals & Documents and Branch Library. In addition, the Central Library and Faculty Libraries were managed by using “Centralization” method.

Year 1979

Construction of 2 new Library buildings (Bangkhen and Kamphaengsaen) was completed. The budget for the Office of the University Library, Bangkhen campus was 25 Million Baht, while the construction started in October 1979 then completed in 1975 (total area of 6,700 square maters). And the budget for Library at Kamphaengsaen campus was 12 Million Baht, while the construction started in November 1975 then completed in 1979.

Year 1980
Move library from Central Library building to the new building, names “Chuangkasetsilapakarn” Building or Kasetsart University Library Old Building that opens for service until present.

Assign by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations as a National Agricultural Information Center (Thai National AGRIS Center) on March 13, 1980 to act as a network of collaborative centers in International Agricultural Information System (AGRIS-FAO), which funded by International Development Research Center (IDRC). The responsibility is to collect any information in agriculture and related fields and send an information index to be published in journal index together with the index's information centers in 127 countries. The published was not only available in book format, but also available by using modern technology such as CD-ROM and online.

Year 1981

International Development Research Center (IDRC) supported the Office of University Library to set up International Buffalo Information Center (IBIC) to serves as a research center that compiled the document associated with buffalo, as well as published research to researchers and the general interest and focus the service especially for the working buffalo (water buffalo or swamp buffalo).

Year 1982

Start building a database of agriculture in Thailand by recording the data into the computer at the computer center (The Office of Computer at the present)

Process agricultural database from a computer to produce the Agriculture Bibliography Volume 1, No.1 (in 1982) published to agricultural agencies and organizations in Thailand.

Year 1985

Receive the first computer, with funding from the International Development Research Center (IDRC). The model is IBM PC 80286, 10MB hard disk and 256KB memory. 

Year 1986

Library has been assigned to act as Information Coordinating Center in the area of Agricultural among their network, including all document center libraries of division and department relating to agriculture, as well as departments in academic institutions. The responsibility is to collect information from various sources and represent the center of source media to promote and disseminate information on agriculture and related fields.

Year 1991

Start the service on Agriculture Database of Thailand (Thai AGRIS Database).

Year 1995

The budget approved for the automatic library system program “INNOPAC” to create more effective database of library resources and be able to search for remote information through the network, by purchased Cataloging and OPAC modules, then later purchased additional modules such as Acquisition, Serials Control and Circulation in fiscal year 1996.

Year 1996

Install the automatic library system of INNOPAC starting from the OPAC Catalog Module and make use of training to those involved and responsible for Module during July to November and start recording information resources into the library database in August of the same year.

Service on “Searching for information resource” is available through University Network “Nontri Network” and internet network via Telnet starting on December 17.

Year 1997

Start using the magnetic tape to prevent the book lost. Places and links bar code on books to prepare for the circulation service in March 1997.

Start using the automatic library program to search for library resource (Acquisition Module) in April.

Start the Serial Check in September.

Install Web OPAC to search for information through the Web Browser in September.

Start providing information via the Library's home page,, which developed by the Department of Educational Technology Services in December 1997.


Year 1998

Start using the automatic library system for the circulation service on October 26, 1998.

Get approved on budget for construction of the new building.

Year 2000

Start providing electronic journals and electronic databases on the network. The first database available for service is “Science Direct”.

Year 2001

Kasetsart University Library by the National Agricultural Information Center (Thai National AGRIS Center) has been ranked as number 1 out of 10 AGRIS network centers, performing work and activity to develop agricultural information of AGRIS/FAO.

Start the internet service in cerebration of the 24th anniversary of the Library Foundation Day (24th of May) to serve students and staff of the University by providing total of 50 computers, where 30 computers purchased together with the Office of Computer Services and additional of 20 computers purchased by the Library.

Year 2004

Receive the construction budget for the new building by connected with the old building and completed in February 2006.

Year 2006

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
has opened a new building called Kasetsart University Learning Center or KULC on May 19, 2006.

The new building, Kasetsart University Learning Center (KULC) was firstly opened for service on June 5, 2006.


Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has given the name for the new building as “Debaratana Vidhayachote”, which means the glory building rich with knowledge like a marvelous glass of god in October 2006.

Year 2007

Initiate the 24 hours service program that extended the service period to 24 hours during near exam period (first time on 5 September to 5 October) and also open for service on Sunday.

Year 2008

Start using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for circulation service on June 5, 2008.

Bring Self-Check Machine to use in the library on June 5, 2008.

Provide Laptop Loan Service, allowing users to borrow laptop to use within the library on September 16, 2008.

Year 2009

Budget has been approved for 40 Million Baht for the renovation of the Old Building, starting from March to December 2009.

Open the Research Square, Quit Reading zone service available especially for graduate students, researchers, faculty and Staff of Kasetsart University on September 9, 2009.

received the public services quality award for outstanding in service innovation for the year 2009 by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission.

Year 2010

The KU Library was considered by the Committee for Building Energy Award of Thailand (BEAT 2010) to be one of the 16 leading buildings attending the energy conservation competition for the period of one year (June 2010-June 2011) through the online media and continuous public relations. Those who attending this project would receive part of the budget for renovation and creating energy conservation awareness for the personnel, having Energy Engineering Institute as the advisor. As a result, participating in this project has provided the opportunity for a big renovation of the two buildings, especially the ChuangKasetSilapakarn Building that has zoned the book shelves and the reading area to be in line with the lighting system with sensor-based lighting control for energy saving, together with book classification for the convenience of using and service area management, i.e. academic books and non-academic books, and academic books with publication year between 2001 and Present (to be on the 1st Floor) and academic books with publication year before 2001 (to be on the 3rd Floor)

Year 2011

On January 4, 2011, the renovation of the ChuangKasetSilapakarn Building under the BEAT 2010 Project was completed and commenced its service again.

On December 21, 2011, the KU Library received the Public Services Quality Award, the Joint Service Center Standard / Public Services Counter Award and the Award for the Excellence in Participating Public Sector Management for the Year 2011 by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission. The Library’s project on “Learning about Agriculture through e-Books” also received Consolation Prize for the Process at the Navy Hall.

Year 2012

On January 27, 2012, the KU Eco-Library, the first one in Thailand, was inaugurated. It is the prototype for learning about environmental and energy conservation through knowledge media and the experience from the green design.

On February 2, 2012, KU Royal Collection and Warehouse Services on the 3rd Floor and the KU Alumni Service at the Eco-Library on the 1st Floor of the ChuangKasetSilapakarn Building, were inaugurated.

On February 28, 2012, the KU Library received an honourable plaque as a recognition for the Working Unit that brought reputation to Kasetsart University through being granted the Public Services Award for the Year 2011 from the Office of the Public Sector Development in Commission at Sofitel Centara Grand, Ladprao.

On March 8, 2012, the Director of the Office of the University Library received the BEAT 2010 Award on the participation, under the University Building Category, from Minister of Energy, His Excellency Mr. Arak Chonlatanon, the Chairman for the BEAT (Building Energy Awards of Thailand) Awards, in the 1st Thailand’s BEAT Awards Ceremony for the competition of energy conservation buildings at the Scala Theater, Siam Square, Bangkok.

On June 5, 2012, the KU Library received a plaque and a commemorative certificate for the excellence in process enhancement under the 5th Kasetsart University Quality Awards Project 2011 from the performance entitled “Agricultural e-Books” organized by the Office of the Quality Assurance at the Kamphol Adulavidhaya Conference Room, the Kasetsart Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center, Kasetsart University.

On September, 2012, the Garden Library was inaugurated at the Exhibition Hall, the 1st Floor, the Debaratana Vidhayachote Building.

On December 18, 2012, the KU Library received the Quality Award, a plaque together with a commemorative certificate and cash reward, from the 6th Kasetsart University Quality Awards Project.

Year 2013

The University has provided financial support of Baht 1 million from its revenues to the KU Library. This was due to the Library’s efficient performance, outstanding accomplishment recognized by the public and brought about the reputation to the University. The KU Library aims to enhance its services as its motto, “Providing Good Services, Showing Generosity, and Progressing through Academic Excellence” and to use the said budget for developing the Kasetsart University Digital Knowledge Centre Project and the Read@ku Project.

On April 2, 2013, the Read@ku Project was inaugurated, aiming to encourage students, staff and the public to love reading. The project is under the Pro-activeServices Project supported by the Baht 1 million budget given by the University. For the first stage, various types of books are provided for reading at several places as follows:-

-       Two service points on the ground floor of the Kasetsart Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center

-       One point at the 1st KU Canteen

-       One point at the 2nd KU Canteen

-       One point at the shuttle buses’ parking place in front of the Vehicle, Building, and Physical Plant Division (Vibhavadee Gate)

-       One point at the shuttle buses’ parking place in front of Siam Commercial Bank

-       One point at the shuttle buses’ parking place near the Hexagon Pavilion

-    One point at the shuttle buses’ parking place in front of the Debaratana Vidhayachote Building