Kasetsart University Library aims to be Kasetsart University's Knowledge Centre, as well as the country's Digital Library on agriculture and the Green Library focusing on energy saving and environmental conservation.


The Library acquires and collects information on all disciplines. Modern technology is used in adminstration and providing services by well-trained staff with the determination to contribute to the University's academic excellence.

Duties and Responsibilities

To increase the quality of the University's education and research, the KU Library is entitled to provide academic services to the University's personnel. In addition, the Library has worked as the country's representative in developing agricultural information. Currently, the Library acts as Thai National AGRIS Centre (International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology, AGRIS), and was selected by the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC) to act as the International Buffalo Information Center (IBIC), the Current Agricultural Research Information System (CARIS) and the Agricultural Information Network Centre of the Thai NATIS (National Information System), and a member of the Thai Library Integrated System (ThaiLIS), the core library of the Kasetsart University Library Network (KULINET)