The Rules for Using the 5th Floor Reading Area

The KU Library has opened the 5th Floor reading area, the Debaratana Vidhayachote Building for research purpose, "Research Square", since September 9, 2009. The area is indicated as the Quiet Zone, organizes into 4 reading zones (zone K, U, L, C), comprising 114 single seats, one 16-seat study room ,and two 6-seat study room. The service is for only graduate students, faculty, and researchers of Kasetsart University. Users have to borrow a Key Card to enter this area.  

The Rules for the Service
Opening Hours : Regular Semester

Monday - Friday 08.30 - 19.30 น.
Saturday     11.00 - 18.30 น.


Opening Hours Semester Break
Monday - Friday 08.30 - 16.00 น.
Saturday - Sunday Closed