The KU Library has provided a Book Drop to facilitate users who cannot return the Library’s books within the service hours. Users can return the books to this Book Drop in the front area of the Debaratana Vidhayachote Building, the KU Main Library.

1.   Please drop the books one by one through the Book Dropรับคืนเฉพาะหนังสือของสำนักหอสมุด วิทยาเขตบาท่านั้น
2.   This is for returning the Main Library’s books only (Not for the books borrowed from faculties’ libraries)
3.   For the overdue books, users can contact the Circulation Counter later for the fine payment
4.   For the inter-library books, please return by yourself at the Reference Desk
5.   For audio-visual materials, e.g. CD, VCD, DVD, please return by yourself at the Audio-Visual Loans Counter

For additional inquiry: Public Services Division, the KU Main Library, Tel. 0 2942 8616 ext.126