Library members can renew the books that are due through the Library Catalog on the KU Library’s webpage, by following this procedure: 



1.    Please click Self-renewal / Member Information
2.    Login by typing name-surname and the barcode on the ID card
3.    When the user information is shown, you can choose to renew selected items or renew all


The Renewal Limitation
1.    The library member card must not be expired
2.    The books which can be renewed must not be overdue and reserved by other user
3.    If the library member has a liability with the Library of at least Baht 50, he/she is not allowed to renew the book (s)
4.    The library member who is a faculty can renew twice, while other types of members can renew once.

For inquiry, please call 0-2942-8616 ต่อ 126, 123