Agricultural Information Network

The KU Library, as the Agricultural Information Network Centre, has cooperated with agricultural agencies and other concerned organizations to establish the cooperation network in developing agricultural information and supporting the utilization of Thailand's agricultural information. 

  • Thai Agricultural Research Repository (
    To completely collect Thailand's agricultural researches for the benefits of studying, referencing, further researching, and applying for the country's development and publishing for national and international citiations.  
  • Thai Agricultural Digital Library (
    To be the repository of books, articles on agriculture and sufficiency economy in electronic form which have been permitted by the owners to be disseminated for public utilization. 
  • e-Books on Agriculture to commemorate His Majesty the King  (
    To develop e-Books on agriculture and sufficiency economy in the form of virtual books, disseminate the knowledge through internet networks and be the knowledge base to support learning, teaching to educational institutions, agricultural agencies, including farmers and those who are interested.