Following up the results of recommendation, Main Library Bangkhen Campus

Users can follow up the results by checking status of the procedure in each stage for all the activities/ projects that the Library organizes for a user to have a chance to participate in new resource recommendation as follows:

  1. the KU Book Fair Activity
  2. the You pick We buy Activity
  3. the Recommended Forms
  4. the Feedback from Library Users
  5. the New Resource Recommendation

Procedure Status

  1. Status : In the process of purchasing, meaning the Library has already purchased within the period specified as follows:
    - Foreign books take approximately 45-60 days
    - Thai books take approximately 1-2 weeks
    - Thai / foreign journals take approximately 30 days
    - Thai / foreign audiovisuals take approximately 2 weeks
  2. Status : In progress, meaning the Library has already acquired the resource and it is in the process of creating bibliographic record, cataloging and preparing the resource to be ready for service.
    - Thai / foreign books take about 30 days
    - Thai / foreign journals take about 1 day
    - Thai / foreign audiovisuals take about 3 days
  3. Status : Ready for service, means the resource recommended is ready for service and the Library will inform each user by his/her email.

    1. Thai / foreign books can be picked up at the Circulation Counter, 1st floor, the ChuangKasetSilpakarn Building within 10 days after being informed. If the user fails to do so, the books will be put away on the normal shelves.
    2. Thai / foreign journals are available at the Periodicals Room, 2nd floor, the ChuangKasetSilpakarn Building. *Journals are not permitted to be checked out of the Library*
    3. Thai / foreign audiovisuals can be picked up at the Audiovisuals Loan Counter, 2nd floor, the Debaratana Vidhayachote Building within 7 days after being informed. If the user fails to do so, the audiovisuals will be put away on the normal shelves.

  4. Status : Already Available in the Library, meaning the resource recommended by the user is already available in the Library; please look for the Call No. specified.